User rules

I promise to read, understand and respect the user rules of Faciligo community before requesting or proposing any accompaniment.

Provide real pieces of information

I complete my entire profile by indicating my real name and by uploading a real photo.
I publish only the trips I intend to do.

Be reliable

I have to be available before departure.
I am available at least 15 minutes before a trip by train, 1 hour before a trip by plane and 5 minutes before a trip by car, bus or tramway in order to prevent from any delay.

I have to be available after departure too.
The same availabilities than before departure are applicable after arrival (see bove).

I promise not to cancel my accompaniment within the week before the departure or within the month if it is an international trip. People counts on me!

Be considerate and welcoming

I organize the trip with my travelpooler.
Before departure, I check the following points:

  • Time and place of meeting point with my travelpooler and his relatives if any, at the departure AND the arrival,
  • Identity and phone number of my travelpooler and his relatives if any, at the departure AND the arrival,
  • Keep enough battery on my phone to be reachable at any time during the trip,
  • Take what is necessary to spend a good time with my travelpooler (games, reading, movie...) during the trip,
  • Check precautions to be taken with the travelpooler if necessary during the trip with its family.

Safety first

As an accompanist, I am in charge of my travelpooler.

I look after and assist my travelpooler who is under my responsibility at all times during the trip in a total respect of the other passengers.
I make sure I'm not too loaded in case I have to help my travelpooler.

During the trip I keep people in charge or relatives of my travelpooler informed.
In any doubts, I ask my travelpooler if he needs any help and I assist him with his guidance if required.
If I need help, I can make a call to people in charge or relatives of my travelpooler. Otherwise I call the captain or driver of the transportation.
In case of a delay affecting the arrival time, I inform my travelpooler and its relatives.
During the trip, if my travelpooler needs to go to the toilet, I accompany him to the toilet door. I must not accompany him inside unless it has been specified in the accompaniment requests (accepted by myself).

At arrival, I make sure I have not forgotten anything on board in the transportation.
If I have to entrust my travelpooler to someone else, I verify the identity of the person that is picking him up and make sure it corresponds to the person designated to me as the person in charge of my travelpooler at arrival.
If not, I have to call the person in charge of my travelpooler at departure and to follow his instructions.

I take no risk in any case.

My last chance, if no one between the designated persons is present to pick up my travelpooler, is to bring him to the security staff in charge or to the nearest police station.

Leave honest comment

As part of the Faciligo community (accompanist and accompanied), I make sure to leave honest, fair and polite comments / opinions about my travelpooler.

Enjoy the trip

I will enjoy my trip and make sure my travelpooler do so.
The trip was awesome ? Book a new one ;)