Faciligo, what is it ?

It is a social network of mutual assistance between travelers that facilitates the mobility of everyone by putting in contact fragile travelers with the other travelers who do the same trip.

How does it work ?

Each traveler can post a trip indicating whether they want to be accompanied or if they wish to accompany. To do this, you need first to complete your traveler profile and then to publish your trips (punctual or recurring). It is also possible to search for travelers who do the same trip and who have already published their trip to accompany or to be accompanied.

How travelers are put into contact together ?

Travelers are connected to each other based on their common trips and interests but also according to their skills and needs. This allows the most fragile people to be accompanied by competent people (health professionals or medical students).

I am an accompanist, how will I recognize the person with reduced mobility ?

Our internal messenger is set up to facilitate the connection between travelers. You can then agree on a meeting point and organize your trip together.

I am accompanied, is it possible to be picked up at my place ?

You can organize the meeting point wherever you want. Use our internal messenger to discuss with your accompanist and to set up your meeting point.

I am an accompanist, do I have to declare the amount of my rewards to the government ?

No, with Faciligo, you do not make money, you simply reduce your travel expenses. Your rewards are considered as a partial or total refund of your ticket.

I am accompanied, what if my accompanist does not show up ?

I call + (appel local), and the rescue team will do its best to put you in contact with another accompanist who does the same trip.

I am accompanied, how much will that service cost me ?

For all trips within your city, it costs :

  • 1€ per trip, with public transportation, if I have a disability card that mentions “Covered accompaniment” allowing a free ticket for your accompanist.
  • Otherwise it costs you 2,50€. 1,50€ is rewarded to your accompanist.

For the trips between two cities, it costs :

With public transportation and , if I have a disability card that mentions “Covered accompaniment” allowing a free ticket for your accompanist :

  • 3€ for an accompaniment duration less than 1 hour
  • 6€ for an accompaniment duration more than 1 hour

For all the other cases, you have to add 6€ per hour of accompaniment.

The accompaniment duration includes the availability time before and after the accompaniment :

  • By train : 15 to 30 minutes before departure and 15 to 30 minutes after arrival
  • By plane : 1 hour before departure and 1 hour after arrival

The accompanist can benefit from a discount on his ticket if the accompanied has a disability or a reduction card.